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Have you already decided to build the Pergola that you wished? Come to Us and let’s make your wish a reality. Houston Pergola Builders is an expert team that will handle the work for you. We offer a wide range of designs and sizes to choose from that will surely compliment your home.

Outdoor Carport Houston, TX.

Building an outdoor carport is a great way to protect your vehicle from the elements. Like the Pergola, a carport can also be a great addition to your home, this will provide additional parking and storage space. It can also be used as a mini garage where you can put your stuff and spend your spare time inside while fixing some car issues or doing your car maintenance.

Installing an outdoor carport is not as difficult as you may think. With a little bit of planning and some basic carpentry skills, you can easily build a carport that will last for years to come. The first thing you need to do is to determine the size of the carport you want to build. You will also need to decide on the location of the carport. It is important to choose a location that is level and has good drainage. But to make your outdoor carport last for many years, leave the hard work to us. Houston Pergola Builders will take over on making your desired carport.

Our experts will help you in every step of the way, from measuring and constructing your carport according to your specifications. We only use high quality materials to make sure that your outdoor carport will withstand the elements and last for many years. So if you are looking for an outdoor carport builder in Houston, call us today!

Carport Screens

A carport is a pavilion that is sometimes positioned at the front of your home and has the same aesthetic and financial benefits as a Pergola. A carport, like any other structure, might influence the appearance and value of your property if it isn’t properly maintained. Even if your carport already provides adequate protection for your vehicle from the sun and rain, you might still want to incorporate screens into the design to further customize the amount of sunlight and airflow that enters the space.

There are a few different ways that you can go about adding screens to your carport. The most popular method is to purchase pre-made screen panels and affix them to the structure with hooks. If you’re not sure what sort of screens to use, the specialists at Houston Pergola Builders can assist. Our team of experts has years of expertise installing screens, slats, louvres, and shutters, so you’ll have lots of options when it comes to sprucing up your carport. We can design any style to fit your specific requirements.

The idea of Carport Screens

Many of our customers wish to add carport screens to give their outdoor space a more enclosed feel. Our screens are intended to match with any type of carport and provide extra protection and seclusion. Whether you’re building a new carport or replacing an existing one, you won’t have to worry about your screens looking tacked on. The materials we employ at Houston Pergola Builders are not only attractive, but they are also made to endure the elements in Houston, TX. You can rely on their longevity since they’re designed for severe conditions.

Worry no more from typhoons and bad weather.

Houston Pergola Builders assures you that the quality of the materials we use is inevitable to possible typhoons may come your way. You don’t have to worry about your carport getting blown away because we make sure that our products can withstand any type of weather.

If you’re looking for an outdoor carport that can withstand any type of weather, look no further than Houston Pergola Builders. We use high-quality materials and construction techniques to ensure that our pergolas can withstand any type of weather, including hurricanes and typhoons. So if you’re worried about your carport being blown away in a storm, rest assured that it will be safe and secure with us.

What sets us apart?

Houston Pergola Builders is a Pergola construction company based in Houston, Texas. We have been in business for a long time ago and have over successful years of experience in the industry. We specialize in the construction of custom pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions. We also offer a variety of other services such as deck building, and patio construction.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality pergola possible. We use only the best materials and craftsmanship to ensure that your pergola will last for years to come.

If you are looking for a pergola builder in Houston, Texas where quality and good service is the main purpose, then look no further than Houston Pergola Builders! Give us a call today to get started on your custom pergola project!

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